In 2008, we created this little company, with great professionalism and developers with extensive experience in exploration concessions and catering business, in which we base for offering a high quality service, with top quality furniture and Palhotas of large shadow, so that in this way, we can achieve a quality of excellence.

Concerned about the environment, please be advised, all holidaymakers to take environmental procedures, so that those who visit us, always keep in mind that lies on an island, in the Natural Park of Ria Formosa. In particular we encourage everyone to use the walkways, through boards, (dunes beware!) that are scattered around the Dune Cord, so that in this way do not walk through the dunes.

This Board "DUNES CARE", was awarded in 2008, the Blue flag Association of Europe, with the 3rd Prize of photography as part of a photo competition held by the blue flag.

In 2009, the Lonely Planet's Travel With Children  "considered the beach on the island of Tavira, in the Algarve, the 8th best beach in the world to take the kids and family.

In 2011, we can increase the supply of our services, resulting in a great improvement in the quality of service provided, through the deployment of a small Bathing Support, selling drinks and ice cream and following good environmental practices, encourage the selective collection of waste, garbage pails and is present across the front 200 metres from beach. For this we have a Slogan, this selective waste collection (for the SAKE of the ENVIRONMENT, RECYCLING is BEST for everyone!).

In 2012,The island of Tavira integrates the 21 beaches finalists in the election of the "7 Wonders--beaches in Portugal", in the category of Beach dunes, whose announcement was made on May 06, on RTP's program dedicated to this initiative from the Gate, on the coast of Alentejo. The actor Ruy de Carvalho hit the tavirense application.

Since 1987, this beach was awarded by the blue flag, also being targeted assigning gold flag, since 2012, making sure the high quality of this beach

All this effort directed at incessant demand offering a service of excellence, combined with the magnificent island of Tavira, their fine sand and crystal-clear waters and warm, in 2011, the assignment for the blue flag Association of Europe the 1st Prize-Best Beach 2012 dealer.

It is with great pleasure that we recognized all the efforts that we have had since 2008, and that everything we do by dignify this reward.